Kia Warranty Details

This article will discuss Kia Warranty Details, which is an appropriate follow-up to our last article regarding Hyundai Warranty Details. Both car manufacturer companies are gaining a reputation for not only building better cars than they have in the past, but also offering a Warranty that most other car makers simply cannot rival. So, let’s discuss the Kia Warranty in as much details as possible:

Like the Hyundai Warranty, the Kia Warranty boasts a 10 year/100,000 mile coverage as the backbone of its program. As with any warranty details, it is important to understand the breakdown, as the terms vary from different components and systems. For starters, the Kia Warranty is good at any qualified Kia New Car Store in the United States. Here is a breakdown of the details:

  • 10 years/100k mi limited powertrain
  • 5 year/60k mi limited basic
  • 5 year/100k mi limited (rust)
  • 5 year/60k mi road-side assistance

As with other warranties, like Hyundai’s, the Kia Warranty Details consist of a wide array of terms and sub-terms. For starters, the 100k powertrain warranty is limited to the original owner only, and drops down to 60k miles with the owners thereafter. The power train warranty covers: major engine components, transmission components, Axles, and transaxles.

“Service Adjustments” are part of the Kia Warranty Details and are good for only 1 year/12k mi, and include things like alignment and balance (wheel and tire), adjustment of cables, body parts, pedals, fittings, and so on. Furthermore, each of the following have varying terms, which one must know if considering the overall Kia warranty as a whole:

  • A/C Recharge: 12 months
  • Entertainment: 3 year/36k mi
  • Battery: 2 years
  • Brake: 1 year/12k mi
  • Paint: 3 year/36k mi
  • Damage Due to Improper Maintenance: none

Hopefully this overview of the Kia Warranty Details has been helpful. Use this, along with researching the specific car of your choice, to help you decide if a Kia will be your next car or not.

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